Tasks and objectives

Public Tasks and objectives :

The Ministry aims to achieve a strategic management of transportation activities in its various forms that contribute effectively to stimulating and expanding the movement of trade and the economy, as well as in the movement of society and with the world on the basis of freedom of economic activity and free competition within the framework of the constitution, laws and public policy of the state and for this purpose has the following goals and tasks:


  1. planning up the general policy for transportation in all its fields, preparing the necessary plans, systems and legislations to achieve it and supervising its implementation in coordination with the relevant authorities and exercising the state’s authority over its waters, airspace and land routes within the borders and outlets of the Republic.
  2. Improving the performance and expanding the capacity of the existing sea and air ports.
  3. Setting plans to meet the country’s needs for maritime, air and land transport services.
  4. Development, improving and organization transport services in all its forms according to the requirements of development, community movement and trade in agreed with national legislation and international levels.
  5. Coordination with the relevant authorities in setting policies and procedures related to dealing with operations of transporting dangerous materials in a manner that ensures public safety in commit with the laws, agreements and international treaties enforce in the Republic.
  6. Carrying out various surveys and technical and economic studies to establish transport lines for trains within the framework of the neighboring and Arab Eastern countries.
  7. Encouraging investment in the fields of transport and its services within the framework of the general transport policy.
  8. Setting tariffs on the incomes and payments for all the services provided in the ports in a manner that ensures activating and controlling those services.
  9. monitoring the setting of maritime and air transport fees, payments and charges in a manner that achieves competition and providing the necessary revenue for developing services in these two areas.
  10. setting the fees and tariffs for land transportation visa that ensures the achievement of community communication movement as well as internal commercial activity.
  11. Follow-up on the implementation of international legislation and levels in the areas administrative of aviation safety, maritime and air navigation management and new rules in these areas.
  12. Working to secure a marine and air fleet for internal and external transport that meets the growing needs of the state, its economy, trade and citizens.
  13. Supervising the organization of aviation management in a way that raises the level of safety, services and security.
  14. Setting programs to qualify and train technical teams for all sectors (maritime, air and land) in accordance with international standards for preparing and training this crew.
  15. Supervising the economic studies for the establishment of sea and air ports and preparing the necessary plans according to the requirements of economic and social feasibility.
  16. Determining the technology specifications required for the maritime, air and land transport facilities, means and facilities, and making use of the different experiences in this field in a manner that achieves operational efficiency. 
  17. Setting plans to preserve the environment in its field of activity, monitor any accidents or violations that are harmful to the environment, and take the necessary measures towards it in accordance with the law.
  18. Overseeing securing and activating navigation services in the areas of shipping, catering, maintenance, safety, etc., monitoring their performance and steadily improving the level of their services.
  19. Follow up on recent developments in the areas of transport legislation and management and benefit from them in planning and organizing transport and managing its operations in a modern and economic manner.
  20. Coordination with the relevant authorities in the field of traffic lights and security in cities in a manner that secures the safety of passengers and vehicles and the movement of internal trade.
  21. Participating in setting plans and studies with the relevant authorities to establish and provide safety methods for highways and to achieve the greatest degree of safety for road transport in its various forms, sizes and types
  22. Coordination with the relevant authorities to support tourism, cultural and commercial activities within the framework of the ministry’s tasks.
  23. Follow-up and approval of preparing plans for preparing effective means of maritime and air rescue
  24. Supervising the transportation affairs administration in all fields and taking the necessary measures to improve the level of performance and efficiency.
  25. Designing and managing an information and statistics system that covers all different transport fields, activities and operations.
  26. Issueing ministerial decisions in the geographical scope of seaports in coordination with the competent authorities.
  27. Granting licenses to companies, agencies, and offices to carry out various transport activities and related services, and supervise and monitor them in accordance with the regulations governing this.
  28. Setting plans to secure modern means of communication in coordination with the competent authorities to serve the movement and safety of maritime and air navigation and follow up their implementation.
  29. Determining the quality and specifications of road transport, as well as the amounts of loads and other safety conditions and requirements in coordination with the relevant authorities, and in a manner that does not clash with the pivotal weights law.
  30. Development of relations with countries and specialized organizations in the field of the Ministry’s activity.
  31. Coordination with the ministries and the competent authorities in all matters related to transportation affairs.
  32. Follow-up on the results of investigations into maritime and air transport accidents in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  33. Working to secure the connection of the Republic with sea, air and land road and lines networks at the regional and international levels, in accordance with the strategies and plans developed in this regard in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  34. Conducting studies and expressing an opinion on amending the legal, organizational and financial centers of facilities subject to the supervision of the minister, in terms of amending jurisdiction, merger or cancellation in accordance with the Ministry’s policies and administrative and structural reform policies.
  35. Representing the Republic in regional and international organizations, conferences, meetings and seminars related to transport affairs.
  36. Filling various means of transportation for the purposes of using them for the public interest in emergency and disaster situations, according to the legislation enforce.
  37. Any other tasks or functions required by the nature of its position or provided for by applicable laws and regulations
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