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The Minister of Transport meets the Ambassador of the European Union and the Ambassadors of France and the Netherlands to Yemen

Today, the Minister of Transport, Zakaria Al-Shami, met the European Union Ambassador to Yemen Hans Grundberg, the French and Dutch ambassadors Christian Tsto and Irma Van Duorn .

The meeting reviewed the issues of a humanitarian nature and what can be presented to the Yemeni people regarding the current conditions it is going through in light of the continued aggression and its targeting of capabilities, infrastructure, siege and economic crisis by the aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates .

The meeting focused on the Stockholm Agreement and the concessions made by the national party as stipulated in the agreement, with the testimony of the International Mission of International Observers of the United Nations of the Hodeidah Agreement and the international inspectors, in an initiative to demonstrate goodwill towards peace in Yemen .

The meeting touched on the continued closure of Sana’a International Airport by the Alliance of Aggression and the resulting repercussions and humanitarian catastrophe, which led to the death of thousands of patients and more than 40 thousand patients awaiting the unknown fate and the systematic destruction of equipment and heavy and light equipment and devices and the continued detention of ships Food, drug, and oil .

In the meeting, the Minister of Transport considered the visit of the ambassadors of the European Union, France and the Netherlands an opportunity to look closely at the extent of the damage the aggression inflicted on the Yemeni people, which caused an increase in the human suffering of the Yemeni people regarding the continuation of the aggression and the siege for nearly five years .

He praised the role and efforts of the European Union for the sake of peace in Yemen and the region, and the responsibility incumbent on the humanitarian plight of Yemen .

The Minister affirmed the importance of France’s important role in resolving the current situation in addition to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which provided the Yemeni people with great assistance that no superpower provided .

  He said, “The rehabilitation of the port of Hodeidah is one of the main axes stipulated in the Stockholm Agreement, but unfortunately, none of the axes of the agreement have been implemented in spite of the support of donor countries, as well as the facilities provided by the United Nations Development Program by the national party .”

He added, “The aggression deliberately targeted the port of Hodeidah to destroy the technical places, most notably the cranes and heavy equipment in which ships are quickly unloaded, and this has been replaced by people to continue the work in the port and provide marine navigation services in an acceptable manner .”

The Shami Minister also affirmed that the aggression countries targeted Sanaa airport since the first aggression, with the aim of paralyzing the air navigation movement of the airport and killing the Yemeni people and isolating them in a large prison from the world .. indicating that the number of deaths continues to increase daily due to the closure of Sana’a International Airport .

And he touched on the catastrophic repercussions regarding the continued closure of Sana’a International Airport … pointing out that the medical bridge on which the patients depend, was not implemented until the moment by the United Nations and the World Health Organization .

The Minister of Transport stated that the airport is currently working to receive United Nations planes and international organizations on a daily basis, while the sick people of Yemen are prohibited from traveling through Sana’a International Airport .

The Ambassador of the European Union and the French and Netherlands ambassadors emphasized that peace in Yemen is the only option that they seek to achieve and towards, pointing to the suffering of the Yemeni people and the difficult humanitarian conditions that the people of Yemen are going through under the current circumstances .

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