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Minister Al-Durra : Yemen Airways Company belongs to the Yemenis & must provide its services to citizens from Al-Mahra to Sa’ada


The Caretaker Minister of Transport, Abdul-Wahab Al-Durra, confirmed that the Yemeni Airlines Company belongs to the Yemeni people and was established in order to provide its services to all citizens from Al-Mahra to Sa’ada.

Minister Al-Durra indicated in a meeting in Sana’a, which included the Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemen Airways Company, Khalil Jahaf, and the company’s relevant directors, that Yemen Airways is the national carrier and must provide its services to all the Yemeni people without discrimination in all airports of the Republic.

He stressed the need for Yemen Airways to operate with complete professionalism and impartiality, as well as to develop, modernize , expand its navigation activity , services in all technical, professional and technical fields.

Transport Minister stated that the six flights to Jordan are not enough to alleviate the suffering of patients due to the great pressure on ticket reservations, calling for the opening of new destinations to Cairo, India and other destinations.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Transport Mohammed Al-Hashemi stressed the necessity of concerted efforts and working in a team spirit to develop the work of Yemen Airways Company to provide the best services in the field of civil aviation.

The Deputy Minister of Transport praised the ongoing preparations of Yemeni Airlines to transport pilgrims through Sanaa International Airport.

While the Acting Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors confirmed the company’s readiness to transport pilgrims from Sana’a International Airport, pointing out that the specialists from the Yemeni Airlines Company and the Ground Services Company are working as one team to provide the best services to pilgrims and travelers in general.

The meeting, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport for the Air Transport Sector, Abdullah Al-Ansi, and the Undersecretary of the Civil Aviation Authority, Raed Jabal, discussed the program of flights to transport pilgrims from Sana’a International Airport to Jeddah Airport, as well as the company’s workflow, the mechanism for developing , modernizing it in the field of civil aviation, and the difficulties facing its professional work.


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