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Parliament approves report of Transport, Communications Committee on Red Sea Ports Corporation

The House of Representatives, chaired by the Speaker of the Council, Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i, approved the report of the Transport and Communications Committee on the level of performance and technical, financial and administrative achievement of the Red Sea Ports Corporation for the years (2021-2022-2023).

This came in the presence of the Ministers of State for Parliamentary and Shura Council Affairs in the caretaker government, Dr. Ali Abu Halaiqa, Oil and Minerals Ahmed Daris, Transport Abdul Wahab Al-Durra, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Muhammad Ishaq, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation Nasr Al-Nasiri, and a number of specialists in the relevant authorities, and after the commitment of the government side represented by the Minister of Transport to implement the following recommendations:

1- Approving and financing the matrix project submitted by the Red Sea Ports Corporation, which was recently approved by the Council of Ministers for the rehabilitation and development of the port of Hodeidah, which includes the construction of an additional berth for containers and the deepening of the navigational channel to 16 meters, given its importance in enabling the port to accommodate and receive large and giant ships.

2- Urging the leadership of the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation to pay attention to the maintenance and modernization of ports and equipment and to develop a system to ensure maritime safety and protect the Yemeni coasts in coordination with the relevant authorities.

2- Directing the Ministry of Finance to approve the necessary amounts for the purchase of spare parts and equipment necessary for the ports of the Corporation to continue the operation of those ports directly from the revenues of the Corporation.

4- Assigning the joint committee of the Transport, Communications, Development and Oil Committees to go to the Red Sea Ports Corporation to follow up the implementation of maintenance work for the oil berth No. (2) in accordance with the decision issued by the Ministers of Transport, Oil and Minerals and the Joint Committee in this regard.

5- Allocating a special session with the government to discuss the conditions of the port of Hodeidah and meet its needs to ensure the continued operation of the port and the rest of the Yemeni ports.

In the course of their discussions, Council members stressed the need to pay attention to developing and modernizing Hodeidah ports, as they receive a large number of fuel ships and commercial ships.

They stressed the need to allocate a percentage of port revenues for the benefit of their development and work to provide all the necessary funds to develop and modernize Yemeni ports, especially the ports of Hodeidah, as they represent the front of Yemen. They pointed out the importance of expanding the equipment of new docks to keep pace with the movement of ships in the ports of Hodeidah.

During the session, the members of the Council heard a clarification from the Ministers of Oil and Transport of the caretaker government regarding the efforts made to improve the ports, where the Minister of Oil indicated that there are works and diligent efforts being made to create tanks to store petroleum derivatives… indicating that a group of tanks have been established, including the construction of tanks. Especially for gas storage.

For his part, the Minister of Transport confirmed that Pier No. 2 is an island in the sea and that repairing it requires a qualified company to do so, indicating that none of the qualified contractors have applied in this field.

He confirmed that the ports were bombed more than once by the coalition of aggression against Yemen. He explained that the corporation is working to restore Pier No. 5 by contracting with one of the qualified parties to accomplish this.

He pointed out that the completion rate of the project reached 50 percent, and it will be fully completed during the remainder of the contract period. He pointed out that great efforts are being made to separate fuel unloading areas from other materials.
Thus, the House of Representatives has adjourned its business sessions for this period.

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