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Ministry of Transport concludes the training workshop for its employees titled ” “Program of Awareness and Upgrading.”

Ministry of Transport concluded the training workshop”Program of Awareness and Upgrading.” for the first group of employees of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions for the period from 23/27/Rajab/1445 AH. It targeted 70 employees from the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions.

Major General Abdul Wahab Al-Durrah, Minister of Transport, pointed out the importance of training workshops for employees, which contribute to increasing awareness and insight and improving practical performance.
Pointing out that the current stage is in dire need of such training workshops and to keep pace with the events and the great stance issued by the free sons of Yemen in confronting the Zionist entity.

While the Deputy Minister, Mr. Muhammad Al-Hashemi, confirmed that the training workshops come as great milestones and opportunities from which the employee benefits and advances in his personal life and also in his practical reality.
Pointing out the feeling of the blessing of guidance and leadership, which is one of the greatest blessings for our nation in particular at this stage.
the Yemeni people are reaping the fruits of their faith, commitment, steadfastness, and the greatness of their leadership.
He also indicated that this path will continue to accommodate all employees of the entities. It will develop with the development of the nation’s stages and positions at this stage.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participated, initiated and contributed to the success of these workshops.
The participants also expressed their thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the Ministry of Transport for their interest and keenness to hold such training workshops, which are considered human development to keep pace with events and address imbalances in practical reality.

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