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A protest sit in front of Sana’a airport to demand the lifting of the ban on the airport

The Supreme Council of Civil Society Organizations, the administration of Sana’a International Airport and the international campaign to lift the siege on the airport organized  a protest stand entitled “Save the lives of travelers from killing by opening Sana’a International Airport.”

At the sit-in in front of Sana’a International Airport, the participants demanded that the airport be quickly opened to receive all civilian flights unconditionally, to save the lives of patients and the return of expatriates and those stranded in the diaspora.

And they denounced the heinous crime that the expatriate Abdul-Malik Al-Sanbani was subjected to during his return from Aden Airport at the hands of the mercenaries of the aggression

The participants raised pictures of victims, abductees and sick children and the elderly who died because they were unable to travel and were subjected to interruption, looting and killing in the occupied governorates that suffer from lawlessness.

During the sit-in, Deputy Information Minister Fahmy Al-Yousifi confirmed that the closure of Sana’a International Airport is a war crime against the entire Yemeni people.

He said, “Our right to humanity requires that Sana’a airport be opened as stipulated in international charters and agreements that prevent the targeting and closure of airports.”

He pointed out that thousands of Yemenis are dying as a result of the air, land and sea blockade imposed by the coalition of aggression that targeted humans, stones and trees.

In turn, the director of Sana’a International Airport, Khaled Al-Shayef, reiterated the airport’s technical and operational readiness to receive civil flights in accordance with the conditions and requirements applicable at international airports.

“There is no justification for closing Sana’a International Airport,” he said, stressing that the airport is safe and its staff works professionally in accordance with international requirements.

Al-Shayef pointed out that the crime that Al-Sanabani was subjected to revealed the ugly face of the aggression coalition and its militias.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of the International Campaign to End the Siege of Sana’a Airport, Abdul Rahman Al-Houthi, reviewed the efforts made by the campaign externally through the Yemeni communities to convey the grievances of the Yemeni people to world public opinion and to call for lifting the ban on the airport.

In turn, the head of the Supreme Council for Civil Society Organizations, Dirham Abu Rijal, considered the opening of Sana’a airport one of the utmost necessities to protect citizens from murder, looting and kidnappings, and to rescue the sick and children.

A statement issued by the stand stressed the need to open Sana’a International Airport unconditionally to all civil, humanitarian and relief flights.

The statement condemned the crime that the young Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani was subjected to, the kidnapping of Yemeni students returning to the homeland and hundreds of similar crimes in the occupied areas, calling for the trial of the killers of Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani and the release of all the kidnapped.

The statement called on the Yemeni communities and the free people in the world to take serious action and work to lift the ban on Sana’a International Airport

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