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At a meeting held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Transport, they discussed the measures taken to grant facilities to agencies and shipping companies in the port of Hodeida


The Board of Directors of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation discussed in its meeting today, Tuesday 7/2/1443 AH corresponding to 9/14/2021AD in the port of Hodeida, headed by the Minister of Transport Amer Ali Al-Marani, the measures taken to grant facilities to agencies, shipping companies and importing merchants for the return of container ships to the port of Hodeida.

The meeting, which included the Undersecretary for Maritime and Ports Affairs, Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, his deputy, Engineer Yahya Abbas Sharaf El-Din, members of the Board of Directors and the Secretary of the Council, Mr. Abdulelah Al-Wasabi, reviewed the Corporation’s financial plan for the first half of this year, and the final account and balance sheet for the year 2019.


The meeting touched on the level of performance of the institution during the last period, the activity of the sidewalks and containers, the difficulties and the required needs and ways to overcome them according to the available capabilities in light of the aggression and the siege.

In the meeting, the Minister of Transport referred to the importance of the role of the Red Sea Ports Corporation in alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people through services and facilities for ships entering the ports of Hodeida and Saleef.

He stressed the readiness of the ministry, the institution, and the concerned authorities to provide more advantages, facilitate procedures in the port of Hodeida, and reactivate its international commercial and navigational activity, which it was playing before the aggression, and in a manner that also fits the aspirations of traders and importers, and contributes to maintaining a low level of prices and alleviating the suffering of citizens.

He called on agencies, shipping companies and the private sector to contribute effectively to lifting the blockade imposed on the port of Hodeida seven years ago.

While the head of the Corporation dealt with the activities provided by the Corporation and the advantages and facilities it granted to businessmen and traders to import through the port of Hodeida as part of the government’s efforts to ease the burdens on citizens and the high prices of consumables.

He pointed out that the port of Hodeida, despite the aggression and the destruction it was subjected to and the unjust siege, continued to serve the Yemeni people, relying on its cadres and capabilities available to it.

In addition, the Minister of Transport inspected today the progress of performance at the berths of the port of Hodeida.

During the visit, Minister Al-Marani was briefed on the progress of the cargo handling process at the port berths, calling on the port administration officials to work in the spirit of one team and to contribute to raising the port’s readiness to receive container ships, leading to the desired development of the navigational activity in the city of Hodeida as before


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