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Deputy Minister of Transport congratulates on the National Day of the Republic of Yemen, May 22

Deputy Minister of Transport, Mohammed Al-Hashemi, congratulates the leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, the head of the Supreme Political Council, Field Marshal Mahdi Mohammed al-Mashat, members of the council, and the unified Yemeni people, on the occasion of the 34th National Day of the Republic of Yemen, May 22, 1990 AD.

Deputy Minister of Transport expressed his sincere congratulations and blessings to the Leader of the Revolution, the President and members of the Supreme Political Council, the Councils of Representatives, the Shura Council, the Supreme Judiciary, the ministers, and the men stationed on the fronts of pride and glory, members of the Yemeni Armed Forces, and all the Yemeni people from Saada to Al-Mahra, on this great national occasion.

He said: Today we celebrate this occasion and we have realized the impact of unity among patriotic Yemenis that brought Yemen to the most honorable positions of pride and dignity in defending the Palestinian cause and the oppression of its struggling people.

I consider Yemeni unity a safety valve for all Yemenis, north and south, an impenetrable dam, and a striking force in the face of the aggression that seeks, through its mercenaries, to tear apart the Yemeni body and fabric in a way that serves the interests of their masters, the Arabs, the Americans, and the British.

He pointed out that the Yemeni people will prevail, with their determination, faith, and patience, over all conspiracies aimed at undermining their national unity.

This difficult stage and difficult circumstances will not last long, God willing, and God’s relief and justice will come.

He pointed out that it is painful and honorable at the same time that we are celebrating today and there are many great leaders in the world who are leaving to God while following in the footsteps of the nation’s unity, elevation and pride.

Unity and unity are divine guidance and not human mood, and it brings great benefit to the nation in their lives.

Praying to God Almighty that this national occasion may return and that all the victory, progress and prosperity they aspire to may be achieved for the Yemeni people.

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