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Discusing the investment opportunities in YRSPC

investment opportunities in the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation


Captain / Muhammad Abu Bakr bin Ishaq – Chairman of the Board of Directors received in his office Mr. Khaled Ahmed Hayel – Deputy Regional Director of Hayel Saeed Holding Group and Professor / Director of Al Hodeidah Region in Hayel Saeed Group. And to discuss a number of investment opportunities. Captain bin Ishaq welcomed the brothers in attendance and stated in his entirety that the Foundation welcomes new investments that will benefit the institution and the Yemeni people. Whereas, the investor brothers have set up a number of investment opportunities to discuss and the possibility of implementing them in the near future and open the way for the brothers in Hayel Saeed Holding Group to offer investment opportunities. And Mr. Khaled Ahmed Hayel opened that the group is working at a high rate to cover the requirements of the Yemeni people, and this is what makes the group need investment spaces for the work of a project in the field of cement, in the investment spaces allocated by the institution for investment.On the other hand, he explained that the group is working on a study to reduce the cost of imported wheat. And he indicated that the group needs investment lands in the Salif and Ras Issa regions to implement a number of mega investment projects. And on the same level, Captain Bin Ishaq directed the brothers in projects and legal matters to make initial contracts after identifying investment lands, completing studies and communicating with the relevant authorities. As for reducing the investment costs of importing wheat, views were exchanged for solutions, especially in the logistical aspect, and in the overall meeting, Eng. Sami Abdullah Maqbouli – Director General of Engineering Projects – reviewed the investment plans and the lands offered for investment in Salif Port.It is worth noting that the meeting was attended by Eng. Yahya Abbas Sharaf Al-Din – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nabil Omar Al-Mazjaji, Director General of the Office of the Chairman of the Council, Mr. Khaled Hamid, Director General of Pavements and Squares, and Eng. Abdullah Ibrahim Hajar, Deputy Director General of Planning and Statistics, and Mr. Mutahar. Ismail Al-Amdi, Director General of Legal Affairs, and Mr. Ahmed Hatem Tamer, the Corporation’s chief public relations specialist.

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