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Discussing the mechanism of completing the procedures for the damage file that affected the Red Sea Ports Corporation

A meeting was held at the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Thursday 11-1-2024 AD, to discuss aspects related to completing the procedures for the file of assessing the damage and losses incurred by the Foundation as a result of the bombing of the systematic aggression that affected the infrastructure and operational equipment in the Yemeni Red Sea Foundation ports.

The meeting, which included the Deputy Minister of Public Works and Roads in the caretaker government, Eng. Mohamed Al -Dhari, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Engineer Yasser Mohamed Ahmed, devoted to discussing the technical dimension to complete the judicial file of the total damage, including all the required evidence and data.

The head of the Foundation reviewed the nature of the damage and challenges in the operational process in the port of Hodeidah after the infrastructure and metabolic brown and mechanisms were exposed to systematic and deliberate destruction by the Saudi -Saudi aggression alliance, stressing that the leadership of the Foundation continues its efforts to face the challenges of these damages by all available means and capabilities.

He touched on the programs, plans and projects that were implemented in the institution’s ports to counter the repercussions of these damages and enhance the continuity of the operational process to receive the various ships loaded with all goods and the speed of unloading them despite the worn out equipment and mechanisms as a result of their destruction.

While the Deputy Minister of Works praised the efforts and cadres of the Foundation in the continuity of work, improving performance and finding treatments and alternatives to ensure the continuity of the operational process and upgrade them despite the scarcity of capabilities and the worn equipment and mechanisms.

Engineer Al -Adari explained that his visit to the port of Hodeidah comes within the course of work and coordination to support the efforts of the Red Sea Ports Corporation to complete the damage and losses file in accordance with international technical and legal frameworks and according to the standards of the World Bank for Development and Development.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Roads had seen the progress of the operational process on the sidewalks of Hodeidah Port, the level of performance in the completion of the rehabilitation work of the pavement No. 5, which is maintained by the Department of Works and Bridges of Aden and the maintenance work in the incubators and the slide of marine floor.

He listened to the Director General of Engineering and Engineering Supervision Engineer Sami Abdullah Makbouli, to a detailed explanation of the ongoing maintenance work in the port of Hodeidah and the efforts made in its completion according to the work plan and the specified time program.

The meeting was attended by the Foundation, the general directors of the office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ali Al -Ansi, Planning and Statistics, Dr. Waddah Abdullah Mujel, Legal Affairs, Mutahar Al -Amdi, and Deputy Directors of Procurement and Stores Muhammad Al -Safani and Financial Affairs Adel Faqir, and on the part of the Ministry of Works, Director General of the Falge and Emergency Unit, Engineer Ihab Al -Nashiri.

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