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launching of the project to establish a heavy truck park in Hodeidah


Acting Governor of Hodeidah, Muhammad Ayyash Qahim, Oct 31, 2020 launching work on a project to establish and equip the parking lot for heavy trucks in the governorate.


During the inauguration, Qahim and the deputy governor for services affairs, Muhammad Halisi, listened to an explanation from the director of the project executing institution, Ibrahim al-Hamli, about the project, which is being built on an area of ​​242 thousand square meters at the entrance to the city overlooking the eastern gate of the port of Hodeidah, and its implementation comes within the projects of the national vision of the modern Yemeni state “a Hand to protect and a hand to bulid “funded by the Public Authority for Land Transport and the General Holding Corporation.”


Al-Hamli pointed out the importance of the project, which contains 1500 parking spaces, in alleviating congestion, organizing random parking for trucks, and providing them with fuel services, repair and restoration workshops.


The Acting Governor praised the efforts of those in charge of the General Authority for the Regulation of Land Transport Affairs and their implementation of such vital projects that the governorate and its people need, and the launch of work on them with the celebrations of our country and the governorate in the memory of the Prophet’s birthday to its owner and his family of the best prayers and the most honorable delivery, including organizing new parking lots for trucks transporting goods, carriers of stones and materials Construction and heavy transport vehicles at a number of main entrances to the governorate.


He emphasized that the random parking of trucks and heavy transport vehicles at the entrances and main lines caused many problems, especially the destruction of trees and intermediate islands and obstruction of traffic.


Qahim stressed the need to implement the project according to the general plan for the specified period of time.

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