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Meteorology alerts from a mass of dust widespread in desert areas


The center expects that large parts of the deserts of the governorates of “Al-Mahra, Hadramout, Marib, Shabwa, Al-Jawf, and Saada” will be affected by the widespread dust mass that may extend its impact in a lighter way to parts of the governorates of Sana’a and Amran.

In its warning bulletin this evening, the center stated that by following up the satellite images and the outputs of numerical forecasts and surface observations, a mass of dust originating from the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula is found, moving south and currently affecting parts of the Empty Quarter desert.

The Center warned citizens in desert areas that are expected to be affected by the dust, especially chest patients, the elderly and children, not to be directly exposed to dust because of its damage to public health.

He also warned those dealing with sensitive electronic devices to protect their devices from the effects of dust, calling on vehicle drivers on desert roads to exercise caution and beware of a decrease in the range of horizontal visibility

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