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Meteorology expects the continuation of rain and hot weather



The National Center of Meteorology expected the continuation of rain of varying intensity in a number of governorates, and hot weather in the deserts, interior plateaus and parts of coastal governorates, within the next 24 hours.

The center indicated in its weather bulletin today, that rain of varying intensity accompanied by thunderstorms continues in the afternoon and evening periods in separate parts of the western and southwestern mountainous governorates from Lahj in the south to Saada in the north, especially in the governorates of Saada, Amran, Hajjah, Sanaa, Al Mahwit, Dhamar. Rima, Ibb, and parts of Al-Dhalea, Taiz, Lahj.

He mentioned that the rains may extend east to the interior plateaus in Al-Jawf, Shabwa, Ma’rib, Al-Bayda and Abyan, and the southern coasts and the mountainous areas opposite them in Shabwah, Abyan, Aden and Lahj, and west to the western coasts and the areas adjacent to the Tihama Plain, with the possibility of light rain on the coast of Mahra And Hadramawt and the Socotra archipelago.

According to the center, the weather will continue hot during the day in the deserts and hills in the interior of the governorates of Mahra, Hadramout, Shabwa, Marib, Al-Jawf and parts of the coastal governorates.

The center warned citizens in areas where rain is expected of the flow of torrents in reefs and valleys, and advised not to be present in torrential streams and corridors, and to take shelter from thunderstorms during and after rain.

And vehicle drivers on roads and mountain slopes warned of low horizontal visibility due to rain and low clouds, and citizens in coastal and desert areas and inland plateaus from the hot weather.

The source stated that scattered rain fell yesterday, some of which were torrential, accompanied by thunderstorms, in parts of the western mountainous provinces and the interior plateaus, and some were outside the range of meteorological stations.

He explained that the amount of rain that fell during the past 24 hours in some meteorological stations came as follows: Raymah: 47.8 mm, Aden: 22 mm, Dhamar: 16, Hajjah: 11, As-Sadah-Ibb: 11, Ibb: 4, Sana’a-Haddah. : 1.6

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