Minister’s speech

I am really delighted to begin my words thanking and appreciating the entire staff working in the transportation sector particularly and the whole Yemeni people in general who have been facing and resisting the barbaric aggression against our country for the effort they are exerting in order to make life and work in governmental institutions in progress preserving the country and Yemeni population’s sake and the work interest.

Transport sector with it’s various sectors (land, sea and air) is important and vital which has a direct impact on all the economy .It plays an active role in contribution of economic and social development that represents a link between the production and consumption as well as the system of communication among provinces inside Yemen,

and between Yemen and other Arabic and foreign countries as well . Accordingly , it plays a pivotal role in the economy because the expansion and development of the means of transport facilities are essential to support and stimulate the activity of productivity and services sectors. Completing one anther connecting them and reducing the production cost. We have a belief in that and we are so pleased and we welcome all the people who visit our website and are interested in developing the transport sector in Yemen. This website that includes the outcomes of the effort exerted by the employees of the ministry, as well as the plans they are looking forward to accomplishing them in the near future.

The ministry of transportation is trying to achieve its strategic goals that would empower it’s position locally and internationally serving it’s employees as a result of its awareness regarding the important role played by its management ,vision and mission. The bodies, institution and companies of the minister seek to execute its programs within existed plans studying and measuring them away from the random follow-up and implementation.

The ministry aims to make the ministry’s website is the world’s gateway to the transport sector in Yemen to take advantage of it to get various services, as well as all of its work to facilitate access to various services.

MAJ.GEN/ Transport Minister ZakariaALshami

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