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Ministry of Transport condemns suspension of flights to Jordan Since beginning of June


Ministry of Transport condemned the actions of the aggression mercenaries for suspending flights to the sole destination (Sana’a – Amman – Sana’a) since the beginning of June.

In a statement, the ministry considered the suspension of flights from Sana’a International Airport to Jordan by the American, Saudi, and Emirati aggression mercenaries as a deliberate criminal act, devoid of all religious, humanitarian, national, legal, and international values, treaties, charters, and agreements that criminalize such acts that reflect hatred towards the resilient Yemeni people in the face of aggression for more than nine years.

Yemeni Airways responsible for the suspension of flights from Sana’a Airport, which constitutes an attack on the legal and humanitarian rights of citizens, patients, students, and expatriates, leading to their delayed arrival at Queen Alia Airport in Jordan and their humanitarian and health suffering, not to mention the financial and psychological burdens they will bear due to the suspension of flights from Sana’a to Amman and back.

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