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Starting a training course in integrity and anti-corruption at ministry of transport

a training course in the field of integrity and combating corruption organized by SNACC and the Ministry of Transport started in the framework of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.

The 3-day course aims to provide about 80 leaders and employees of the Ministry of Transport, institutions and bodies affiliated with it, and SNACC , knowledge and skills in methods and methods of combating and preventing corruption, and promoting the values ​​and principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

The head of the Complaints and Grievances Unit at the High Authority for Tender Control, Muhammad Muhammad Al-Kahlani, and the Head of the Supervision and Supervision Unit at the Authority, Eng.Khalid Muhammad Al-Hadrami, will lecture at the session, who will lecture about the authority, the tasks and terms of reference of the tender committees, methods of procurement and public tender, preparing tender documents and opening sessions Envelopes.

The course also includes information on the analysis and evaluation of bids and awards, the mechanism for resolving complaints and grievances, common errors in procedures, the most important repeated violations in bidding procedures, and the most important violations mentioned in the tender announcements.

The session is part of an awareness program organized by the Anti-Corruption Authority and the Ministry of Transport and lasts for more than two months, with the aim of enhancing transparency and integrity, combating corruption and preventing it in the ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions

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