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The Board of Directors holds its fifth regular meeting for the current year 2020

the Board of Directors of the Authority held its fifth regular meeting for the current year 2020 AD chaired by Dr. / Mohamed Abdel-Rahman

The meeting reviewed a number of topics included in the agenda, foremost of which are the minutes of the previous meeting held on 28/6/2020 AD … and the initial report of the Adviser to the Ministry of Transport for the Air Transport Sector on the Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology and the Institute’s response to the report… as well as discussing the report of the Social Solidarity Fund for the employees of the General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology in the cases of death and retirement .

The meeting also discussed the report of the Central Organization for Control and Accounting on the results of the agency’s participation as an observer in the agency’s inventory process ..

The Council took a number of decisions and recommendations on these issues

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