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The Minister of Transport congratulates the Leader of the Revolution on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday

Transport Minister Zakaria Yahya Al-Shami congratulated the Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Muhammad Al-Mashat, and members of the Supreme Political Council, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Prophet.

The Minister of Transport expressed the highest verses of congratulations and blessings to the Yemeni people and the Arab and Islamic nations on this solemn and great occasion and the men of the army and the popular committees stationed on the fronts of pride and dignity.

The minister affirmed that the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is an educational and tactical station to return to the line of authenticity in following the example of the Messenger of God, the Master of the Prophets and the Seal of the Messengers.

He stressed that the Yemeni people celebrate the great messenger as a guide, a lamp, a teacher, a revolutionary leader and a founder of human rights, and other considerations that the world celebrates, and our relationship with him is one of following and following his clear Quranic approach.

“Our Yemeni Muhammadan people celebrate the birth of the greatest messenger with strength, determination and dignity, to prove to the world that the descendants of the Ansar are the support and sustenance for the Messenger of Guidance and the religion of truth, in the past and present, until the Hour begins.

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