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The Minister of Transport is informed of the progress of work in the various transport sectors


Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami was briefed today on the progress of work in the land, sea and air sectors and the mechanism for implementing the development plan for the current year.

The Minister of Transport heard from specialists in various sectors an explanation of what the development plan includes in terms of programs, activities and strategic projects and the mechanism for their implementation in a way that contributes to the promotion and development of land, air and sea transport.

The Minister of Transport affirmed his keenness to pay attention to the professional qualitative training of the various transport cadres, in a way that translates the trends of the revolutionary and higher political leadership.

In addition, the Minister of Transport inspected the workflow of the main executive unit of the national vision for the transport sector, and listened to an explanation from the head of the unit, Engineer Nazir Al-Dobai, about the strategic plans for the second phase 2021-2025 and an analysis of the current situation aimed at advancing the transportation fields.

Minister Al-Shami indicated the need to pay attention to field visits to bodies and institutions and to evaluate work progress within the second phase of the national vision.

He praised the efforts of the Head and members of the Executive Unit in following up the Ministry’s bodies and institutions regarding the implementation of projects, plans, programs and activities.

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