Vice President of the Red Sea Ports Corporation inspects the equipment of the medical center for ship workers and sailors in Hodeidah Port


Today, Tuesday, 5/28/2024 AD, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Nasr Abdullah Al-Nusairi, inspected the medical center for ship workers and sailors in Hodeidah Port.

He reviewed the medical equipment, operating rooms, and health services provided by the center during the current situation, listening from the center’s director, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shamiri, and the center’s supervisor, Fouad Maqbool, to an explanation of the most prominent needs to rehabilitate and equip the center to develop its medical services that it provides to beneficiaries in the required manner.

Al-Nusairi praised the performance of the medical staff, which works around the clock to serve workers and ship sailors, and its readiness to cover the expansion of services.

While those in charge of the center appreciated their efforts to provide the needs and rehabilitate the center in a way that contributes to the development and improvement of medical services.

Accompanying her during the visit was the General Director of the Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Office, Mr. Ali Muhammad Al-Ansi.

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