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Deputy Chairman of CAMA , Raed Talib, sends a letter of thanks and appreciation to the staff of Sana’a International Airport

Deputy Chairman of CAMA, Raed Talib, sent a letter of thanks and appreciation to all employees at Sana’a International Airport, management and employees, and security authorities, leaders and individuals, ceremonies, decrees, ground services, and all parties without exception.

For the great efforts they made during the reception of the liberated army captives and the popular committees

Deputy Chairman of CAMA  indicated in a post on “Facebook” that workers at Sana’a International Airport presented a wonderful picture of integration, accuracy and organization, despite the scarcity of capabilities and the great destruction that the aggression coalition inflicted on the airport facilities and equipment

On Thursday, Sana’a airport witnessed the arrival of three aircraft carrying 360 prisoners of the army and the popular committees as part of the exchange deal with the forces of aggression, which decided to release 1081 prisoners from both sides.  Amid an official and popular reception for the freed prisoners, as large crowds of Yemeni citizens and prisoners’ families attended, who gathered in the streets leading to Sana’a airport.

the fifth and sixth aircraft carrying 200 prisoners of the army and the popular committees arrived at Sana’a International Airport, to complete the exchange process that began Thursday.

As soon as the prisoners descended from the stairs of the plane, they prostrate to God thankfully, coming to the soil of the homeland, while the pepper was scattered over their heads, amid an enthusiastic and joyful atmosphere and chants of freedom against American politics in the region, in addition to performing the popular al-Bara dance on the airport floor with the participation of some of the returning prisoners.

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