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Discussing situations in port of Al-Salif in Al Hodeidah and efforts paid for improving services of up loading and unloading


A meeting held at Salif Port, Hodeidah Governorate, , headed by the Minister of Transport, Amer Ali Al-Marani, discussed the conditions of the port and the efforts made to improve its loading and unloading services.

The meeting, which included the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, reviewed the perceptions of activating the port’s activity, organizing work in it and operating it in an optimal manner, which contributes to revitalizing the commercial and investment movement in the governorate and the problems and difficulties that the port faces as a result of the aggression and the siege.

In the meeting, Minister Al-Marani explained that the purpose of the visit was to review the general situation of the port. praising the positive work and efforts made by the port’s workers, praising the level of the coast guard and port security and the interaction of the institution’s leadership towards upgrading the work mechanism in the port.

He stressed his keenness to provide the needs and support the efforts and development projects that the Red Sea Ports Corporation seeks to implement to enhance the activity of Salif Port and qualify it to play an active role in serving the development work and the national economy.

He urged the need to enhance aspects of cooperation and joint coordination between the port administration and the relevant authorities and its clients, which would address all issues and solve the problems facing the port in implementing, improving and facilitating its humanitarian services.

Pointing out that the Hodeidah port is one of the important economic facilities that serve the Yemeni people.. He pointed out that the US-Saudi aggression continues to impose a blockade on ports and close airports, ignoring all international laws, agreements, regulations and charters, including the Stockholm Agreement.

While the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation stressed the importance of concerted efforts of all parties to come up with executive decisions that serve the interests of all parties to contribute to the revitalization of the port’s trade and investment movement.

The Minister of Transport and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation listened to the port leadership and the directors of the departments for an explanation of the port’s activity and the needs required to upgrade and improve the navigation and commercial activity and to address its conditions with transparency.

They also inspected the tugboat, Ras Issa, and were briefed on the activity and the main role it plays in maneuvering, towing and marine pilotage work at Salif Port.

The meeting was attended by the directors of Salif  Directorate Abdul Rahim Al Shami and the port Ahmed Atta, the General Authority for Maritime Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mushki, the Coast Guard Sector in the Red Sea, Colonel Taher Ali Khater, a member of the Redeployment Committee, Brigadier General Mansour Al-Saadi, and a number of general managers of the Corporation’s departments and port workers.

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