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The conclusion of a course on anti-corruption for the employees of the Ministry of Transport


A training course on strengthening transparency and integrity mechanisms and preventing corruption was concluded in Sana’a , organized by the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption and the Ministry of Transport within the framework of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.


The course aimed at gaining 60 trainees from the leaders and employees of the Ministry of Transport, institutions and bodies affiliated to it, and the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, knowledge about methods and methods of combating and preventing corruption, as well as the forms and classifications of corruption and its concept and promoting the values ​​and principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance.


The course dealt with financial disclosure systems and their role in preventing corruption and combating illicit enrichment, according to the concept of financial disclosure and the objectives and the financial disclosure law and its importance.

The course provided an explanation of those who must file a disclosure of financial disclosure, illicit enrichment, the characteristics of illicit gain, and the role of financial disclosure law in preventing corruption.

It focused on the law on the right to information and its role in preventing corruption in light of international principles and Yemeni law, stressing the importance of obtaining information and steps to strengthen ensuring the right to information.

The Director of Training and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Transport, Mithaq Hussain, explained that the session included mechanisms and measures to combat and prevent corruption, rules and codes of ethical behavior and their role in promoting transparency and integrity, investigation procedures and investigations into crimes of corruption, participation and societal accountability, and their role in combating and preventing corruption.

He pointed out that the course included many workshops for groups, warm-up exercises, ice-breaking, and divisions about the training program’s progress according to the goals set for it.

The second session comes as part of an awareness program organized by the Anti-Corruption Authority and the Ministry of Transport and lasts for more than two months, with the aim of enhancing transparency and integrity and combating and preventing corruption in the ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions.

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