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The Transport Authority office Celebrates Prophet’s (PBUH) Birthday


The Office of the Public Authority for Land Transport in sanaa organized an event celebrating Prophet’s (PBUH) Birthday


In the event attended by the charmin of the Transport Authority, Walid Al-Wadaei, the deputy heads of the Capital Municipality, Ayed Al-Shumairi, Ali Shuraim, and the two assistant agents, Abdel-Wahab Sharaf Al-Din and Mahrous Oqba, the Assistant Undersecretary Muhammad Saree stressed the importance of reviving the occasion to reinforce the values ​​and principles of the Great Prophet, spreading his fragrant biography and emulating it.


He referred to the importance of celebrating the Prophet’s birthday to bring lessons and lessons from his Muhammadiyah biography, to embody his noble morals, values ​​and principles in reality and to make them a way of life … calling for active participation and mobilization for the central event that will be held in Al Sabeen Square.


In turn, the director of the authority’s branch in the capital’s secretariat, Muhammad al-Shahari, affirmed that the aggression and siege that the Yemeni people are exposed to will not deter them from celebrating the birth of the Prophet and reviving all religious events that confirm the depth and attachment of Yemenis to the noble Prophet and their support for him throughout history.


He pointed to the indications represented by the occasion in awakening the nation’s conscience and spreading the spirit of awareness among its children to realize the great responsibility entrusted to it and to remember that it is the ummah of the master of humanity Muhammad, whom God sent as a mercy to the worlds, and to return it to its true position in the foreground.


He pointed out that it is not possible to achieve the hope of this nation and heal its wounds unless it follows the line of integrity, returns to its senses and follows the path of its example.


Al-Shahari clarified that this memory falls on the nation today at a time when the countries of aggression rush to announce normalization with the Zionist entity, while the people of Yemen confirm their loyalty, love and adherence to the greatest Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family.


During the event, in the presence of the employees of the Transport Authority office and the undertakers of sorting the means of transport and transportation in the Capital Municipality, expressive technical paragraphs, followed by honoring the families of the martyrs of the office as well as those distinguished in the process of organizing transport in the Municipality.

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