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YRSPC launches anti-corruption transparency program


the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation(YRSPC)  started an awareness and training program to enhance transparency and integrity in combating and preventing corruption within the framework of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.

The program, implemented by the Supreme National Authority for Anti-Corruption(SNACC)  and the Ministry of Transport, aims to enhance transparency and integrity, and to combat and prevent corruption in the institutions and bodies affiliated with the ministry.

The program includes holding a training workshop to qualify trainers in Hodeidah Governorate, with the participation of 61 participants from the Red Sea Ports Corporation, the Maritime Affairs Authority and the Transport Authority.

In the opening, in the presence of the governorate’s deputy  for services affairs, Muhammad Halisi, the governor of the governorate, Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed, referred to the importance of the program in enhancing transparency, combating corruption, limiting the waste of public money and directing it to aspects of development.

He stressed that combating corruption by laying foundations and real treatments is the basis for building the modern Yemeni state, especially in light of the lack of resources and the continuation of aggression and siege in the absence of a clear position by the United Nations and the international community.

The deputy called for concerted efforts by everyone to develop effective plans and programs that achieve the goals of the National Vision in combating corruption … noting the importance of working to strengthen the foundations, principles and general mechanisms of the principle of transparency and combating corruption, which is a basic requirement for implementing accountability to ensure integrity in managing resources.

In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ports Corporation, Muhammad Ishaq, referred to the importance of combating all forms of corruption in all dealings, stressing that the principles of transparency and integrity urged by the true Islamic religion are among the most important features of the establishment of the modern state.

The implementation of the training program with qualified Yemeni cadres was a clear message about the seriousness of Yemen and its ability to implement reform programs with high efficiency in various economic, financial and administrative sectors.

He urged the participants to make optimal use of the training program in a way that would contribute to combating and curbing corruption wherever it is found … praising the efforts of the local training team from the authority and the ministry in implementing this program.

In turn, Director of Awareness, Education and Community Participation Department at the authority, Adel Al-Uqbi, explained that the program outcomes will be qualitative and targeted, and added to the balance of the parties to the National Integrity System.

He pointed out that the program includes the implementation of an awareness workshop on anti-corruption and good governance and a training course for trainers (TOT), each lasting four days, targeting 41 employees of the corporation, 15 from transportation affairs and 4 from marine affairs.

Al-Uqbi indicated that the training program comes within the framework of a comprehensive program that lasts three months, appreciating the interaction and interest of the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and its sectors, to contribute to enhancing awareness efforts to enhance the values ​​of transparency and integrity, combating corruption and preventing its risks.

The inauguration was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ports Corporation, Eng. Yahya Sharaf Al-Din, Director of the Land Transport Affairs Regulatory Authority, Muhammad Al-Suwaidi, Director of Hodeidah Port Security, Colonel Salman Al-Juma’i, Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, Nabil Al-Mazjaji, and a number of general directors of the Corporation’s departments and the two authorities of marine affairs and land transport in the governorate

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