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Corona plunges airlines and losses of billions

Corona plunges airlines and losses of billions

The International Civil Aviation Organization, “ICAO”, announced that international airlines incurred billions of dollars in losses from the new Corona virus.

The United Nations organization said that the profits of international airlines recorded “a possible decline by 4 to 5 billion dollars,” according to “AFP” on Friday.

About 70 airlines have canceled all international flights destined to and from the mainland of China, and another 50 airlines have reduced their related air operations,” she added.

She added that these measures “led to a decrease of 80% in the capacity of foreign airlines for travelers directly to and from China, and a decrease of 40% in the capacity of Chinese airlines for travelers.”

ICAO pointed out that the first quarter of this year recorded “a decrease between 39% and 41% in the capacity of passengers, i.e. 16.4 to 19.6 million passengers less, compared to what airlines expected.”

“Before the epidemic, airlines were planning to increase their capacity by 9% on international flights to and from China during the first quarter of 2020 compared to 2019,” the organization said in its statement.

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