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Discussing the implementation procedures for the projects slated for the year 2021 AD within the framework of the second phase of the national vision as well as the training plan


Captain / Muhammad Abu Bakr bin Ishaq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, met, Tuesday, 01/19/2021, with general managers and members of the executive unit in the corporation to discuss the procedures for implementing the projects matrix for the year 2021 AD.

At the beginning of the meeting, Engineer / Muhammed Al-Saffani, member of the Executive Unit of the National Vision, reviewed the analysis of the current situation of the institution and the main points that came in it, according to which the critical issues, priorities of the required projects, obstacles and recommendations were identified.

Captain bin Ishaq also touched on the matrix of 27 projects for the year 2021 AD, which were prepared according to “the requirements of the second phase of the national vision, as well as the training plan for the same year .. He emphasized the interest in administrative development projects, especially those related to training, rehabilitation and automation in light of the state’s tendency to pay attention to these issues. The projects … which the corporation was a pioneer in developing and activating the automated system system in the institution.

Captain Ishaq also directed the general managers to prepare and implement a matrix of procedures for the projects listed within the year 2021 AD, and to start implementing the procedures during next February.

The meeting was attended by the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Engineer / Yahya Abbas Sharaf Al-Din, the Corporation’s advisors, all General Directors and members of the Executive Unit of the National Vision of the Corporation.

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