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Suez Canal: All the stranded ships “crossed” the waterway


The Suez Canal Authority said that the last of the stranded ships, which were stranded by the giant container ship stranding in the canal, had now crossed the waterway.

More than 400 vessels were stranded at both ends of the canal when the 400-meter-long Evergiven ran aground, and the canal was closed on 23 March.

But the Suez Canal Authority says the traffic congestion is now over.

Officials have opened an investigation into the accident. They are expected to announce their findings early next week

The results may have major legal repercussions, as various parties seek compensation for the costs of repairing the ship and the canal, in addition to the rescue operation

About 12% of world trade passes through the 193 km long canal, which connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and provides the shortest maritime link between Asia and Europe.

The 220,000-ton Ever Gavin vessel was returned to its normal course last Monday, after a major rescue operation involving a fleet of powerful tugboats and dredging vessels that moved and transported an estimated 30,000 cubic meters of mud and sand.

The operation allowed hundreds of ships, carrying millions of tons of cargo, to begin moving through the waterway

The Suez Canal Authority said in a statement that 85 ships with a tonnage of 4.2 million tons passed through the canal in both directions on Saturday.

The statement added that this number was expected to include the last 61 ships out of 422 that were queued after the container ship, Evergiven, was re-floated

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