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Swiss pilots turn into train drivers due to the collapse in air traffic


Due to the collapse of air traffic in the time of Corona, many pilots faced difficulties, some of them were forced to remain unemployed, but the Swiss Pilots Association suggested to its pilots the possibility of training to be train drivers, this sector, which suffers from a lack of drivers in light of the increasing demand for cross-flights. Trains across Europe.

In Switzerland, this idea has been on the table for months, and Carlos Spruingli is one of the first pilots to be hired to pilot trains in the country. And he says in this regard: “Our situation is just as it is in the case of a relationship with another party, and if the latter does not want to continue and is not waiting for anything from you, then what you have to do in this case is to put pressure on yourself, overcome your pride, and continue on the path.”

The Federation of Swiss Pilots, “Aerobers”, supports members who want to change careers due to the shortage of train drivers in Switzerland, and according to the union, “this could set a precedent.”

“For us, it is natural to work with companies on this type of project,” said Thomas Stephen, spokesman for Aeropuppers. “We hope this will inspire other countries in Europe.”

The two jobs have similar requirements, such as quick wit, alertness, flexibility and endurance,” an Aeropuers spokesman said earlier.

A few days ago, the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, Eurocontrol revealed that during 2020, about 51% of the fleets of European airlines had stopped flying.

According to the report of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, the number of aircraft that were suspended due to the Corona pandemic reached 4,118 out of a total of 8,048 aircraft owned by European airlines.

The report also revealed that the Corona pandemic has cost European airlines an estimated 6.1 million flights in Europe in 2020.

Source :- EURONEWS

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