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Minister of Transport inspects container terminal yards, organizing entry of ships & unloading goods



Transport Minister ,Abd al-Wahab Yahya al-Durra, inspected the yards of the container terminal in Hodeida port and the level of efforts exerted in organizing the entry of ships and unloading their cargo.

Al-Durra, along with the CEO of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Mohammed Ishaq, and his deputy, Zaid Al-Washli, briefed on the progress of work at the station, and the level of arrangements for receiving containers and container ships after the influx of ships to Hodeida port, Salif and Ras Issa.


He listened from the director of the container terminal, Captain Shawqi Murshid, to an explanation about the ongoing work and the measures that have been taken to provide the facilities announced by the government to the private sector and the Chambers of Commerce and Maritime for the entry of container ships to Hodeida port.



He was also briefed on the development maps of the marine operations , the container terminal, and listened to an explanation from Captain Ishaq, his deputy Al-Washli, and the specialists, about the future strategy that the Corporation’s leadership seeks for the work of the container terminal and marine operations in line with the flow of ships and the diversity of their tonnages.



During the visit, Al-Durra stressed that everyone assumes responsibility in alleviating citizen suffering and translating the directives of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council, the Salvation Government and the Ministry of Transport to activate the activity of the strategic Hodeida port.





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